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Sunshine and cloud shapes,

Flying kites in the spring air,

This is happiness.


I feel so alive
in breathless moments filled with

I want to feel your fingers
Raise goosebumps over my body.
I want your tongue playful, tasting
Me with your kisses, tightening
my nerves like a musician
tuning an instrument.
I want you
To make me come undone.

Sometimes nights can be
lonely, but that doesn’t mean
I wish you were here.

are endless when you’re living
the life you want to.


Magnetic Poetry


New Release – The Cellist

Looking for something to read this lazy day?  Try The Cellist.


Leo Hamilton had it all; wealth, cars, men at his beck and call. Life was great. What did it matter if he was just that tiny bit lonely?

When Leo met Adam, he thought everything could remain the same; business during the day, private life at night, a quiet sex life that fit his needs. But Adam wasn’t going to be some fling Leo could use and throw away when it pleased him.

Leo didn’t expect Adam to turn his world inside-out. And then it happened.

Set in beautiful New England, this story will catch you unawares. Sex, love, tragedy… You’ll find it all in The Cellist.

I’ve learned I deserve
someone who won’t let me go.
You threw me away.

8 Word Story

His lips caught the rest
of my sentence.

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